Kitesurf in Toscana

Kitesurf in Toscana

Tuscany Kitesurf

The best spots, great tips for flying over the sea and strong emotions


Tuscany Kitesurf

Find out where are the best spots in Tuscany and tips for flying over the sea.

Kitesurfing in Tuscany is increasingly becoming a real passion. Clean and transparent water, beaches free of obstacles, many schools and, above all, wind: this is what the Tuscan coast looks like, a true paradise for all kite followers. Many of the best spots are right on the beaches of the Grosseto Maremma near our Tuscany Working Hostel. The kiters who decide to stay with us find an informal, young and dynamic environment, in which to share with many friends the same desire to leave in search of the right wind to try their hand at flying acrobatics on the sea.

kitesurf toscana

Every day you can choose the most suitable beach, moving towards the nearby Marina di Grosseto or towards Castiglione della Pescaia or up to Talamone, and always finding excellent spots to practice kitesurfing in Tuscany. Intermediate and beginner kiter can do lessons safely, followed by certified instructors, while professional athletes have the opportunity to train in peace and improve their performance for important competitions.

Kitesurfing in Tuscany is a sport practiced almost all year round thanks to the different types of winds and the multiplicity of kitebeaches. From March to October, in addition to the disturbing winds, there are also the thermal winds that blow from the west and north-west, which besides being very constant as intensity, run along the coast perfectly side shore. The water temperature varies from 14 ° degrees in the winter months to 28 ° in the summer months. The beaches in Tuscany are the ideal place to practice kitesurfing and also other water sports, such as windsurfing, wave surfing, sailing or the sup, a simple and fun sport in which you stand on a board pushing yourself with a paddle.


Kitesurfing in Tuscany: 5 tips for beginners

Kitesurfing in Tuscany is a sport for all ages and is not as risky as it may seem, if  practiced safely and by relying, at least initially, on qualified instructors.

Kitesurfing, seen from the shore, does not seem difficult, but starting alone is not recommended, instead it is necessary to take lessons that allow you to move without risk in the water and to learn the essential bases and the best techniques.

With qualified instructors and the right equipment you can get good results in a few days. A few hours are enough to learn how to make a gliding edge, after which you start learning the upwind and then you begin the journey to become an advanced kiter.

If it is not possible to ask the experts for advice, there are several reliable sites that offer weather forecasts in Tuscany. With the experience of many days spent on the beach, you will see that you too will learn to interpret time in the right way.

Another important step is the purchase of the equipment. There are three fundamental elements in the equipment of a kiter: the trapeze, which must be a comfortable but quality harness, the kite that must be resistant and reliable, finally, the board, for which at the time of the choice it is necessary to know the weight and skill level.

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