La filosofia del Working Hostel

La filosofia del Working Hostel

Working Holidays

Philosophy of working hostel

Hostel in tuscany and work opportunity

Working holidays in Italy, an innovative project for young backpackers

Working holidays in Italy are an alternative and unusual solution to travel that often turns out to be much more fun and educational than just a relaxing holiday. Globetrotting students, recent graduates who have taken a break before deciding on their own life or young people looking for a job to earn some money and at the same time make a new experience and get away from the daily routine. There are many reasons to choose a working holiday in Italy. At the Tuscany Working Hostel, youth hostel in Tuscany, we decided to help you realize your project. We are the first of the hostels in Italy to have adopted the Working Hostel formula.

The first in Italy to adopt the formula WORKING HOLIDAY HOSTEL.

The Tuscany Working Hostel is located close to the sea, and when we talk about

seasonal work in the Tuscan Maremma, the best occupations come from the tourism sector: campsites, hotels, restaurants, beach resorts, facilities that, during the summer season, often need to increase staff to better organize the peak of guest presence. The best thing to find work in these structures is to look for it in advance because in tourism it is prepared months before.

We are here for you!

The working holiday in Italy in the hostel, can be the right occasion for many young people like you to find a seasonal job and at the same time to live a wonderful beach holiday in Tuscany, in the land of Maremma, meet new people and live a unforgettable summer. We ensure you continuous assistance and cheap prices for sleeping. Of course nobody guarantees jobs. Once there, you may find open positions as a waiter, kitchen help, barman, lifeguard, swimming instructor, animator, receptionist, tour guide or other work in contact with the public.

The tourist season of the Maremma coast, thanks to the temperate climate, long days and local festivals is very long. From mid-April, tour operators are starting to open their businesses and search for staff. The possibility to find a job is therefore amplified and this is why it is important to have you here as soon as possible.

If you know English and already have a career behind you, it will be easier for you to get a job. If you are in your first experience, don’t worry, we’ll help you find the right place. Tuscany Working Hostel is the intermediary that allows you to organize your work holidays in Italy, selecting the various proposals according to your skills and interests and offering you a place to sleep at a very affordable price.

Learn and improve the Italian language

Young foreigners, in particular, will have many advantages to try the experience of working holidays in Italy by taking advantage of the service of the Tuscany Working Hostel. Working here will give you the opportunity to experience the true Italian way of life. In the hostel we also organize Italian lessons for foreigners to help you better face with your work experience. Come and discover our culture and traditions in the most pleasant time of the year, in the summer when the air is sweet and fragrant, and you can meet many young people who like you want to live an Italian adventure.

Faq about working/holiday.

Yes. TIDABLIUEICH puts guests in touch with tourist facilities that need staff.

No. Nowhere in the world a job is guaranteed.

Absolutely not.
This is an added service, we do not receive commissions from you who are looking for work or from those who request staff.

It is not Tuscany Working Hostel to decide.
Wages and salaries are private matters between employee and employer.The hostel has nothing to do with any salary or contractual disputes.

The bus stop is located just under 500 meters from the hostel with the possibility to easily reach all destinations.Of course, your own vehicle makes it easier to move.

Upload your CV in the dedicated section on the site and follow the instructions for registration.
ATTENTION: TIDABLIUEICH is not a job agency and does not directly hire guests, we only offer accommodation.

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