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Top ten of the most beautiful beaches in Tuscany

Top Ten of the most beautiful beaches not to be missed during your holidays in the Tuscany seaside area

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Looking for the most beautiful beaches in Tuscany? From Castiglione della Pescaia, to the Argentario, passing through the Maremma Park, to the blue of the Elba island or of the Giglio, there are many places to visit during your beach holidays in Tuscany. What are you waiting for? Take a mask, snorkel and fins and come with us on this tour to discover the most beautiful beaches in Tuscany.

Cala Violina, white sand and turquoise waters

The queen of white sand beaches in Tuscany is Cala Violina, an amazing inlet situated on the stretch of coast, that connects Follonica to Punta Ala and part of the Bandite of Scarlino Nature Reserve. The name, Cala Violina, comes from the particular sound, similar to a violin, which is felt trampling the sand rich in tiny quartz grains. The white sand and turquoise colored waters contribute to creating the exotic appearance of the bay, not directly accessible by car. To reach it you need to walk for about twenty minutes. Nevertheless the beach is often too crowded in the middle of summer.

Torre Mozza, for snorkelers lovers

Torre Mozza is a beach of white sand in Tuscany, which stands out for its huge coastal tower and its clean, clear waters. The real surprise of this stretch of coast, however, comes from the seabed rich in fish and where a long cliff is hidden for hundreds of meters parallel to the coast and which seems to be the ancient Via Aurelia. A true paradise for snorkeling lovers!Torre Mozza and the nearby beach of Carbonifera are included in the naturalistic area of ​​the Sterpaia, a coastal park in where you can find, on one side the coast with dunes and fine sand, and on the other the wetland in where there are many species of birds.

Buca delle Fate, a magical place

Our guide to the most beautiful beaches in Tuscany continues with a small cove that it is magical also in the name: Buca delle Fate, in the Gulf of Baratti. The scenery once you arrived is of an extraordinary naturalistic beauty: a pebble beach, a cliff of rocks sculpted by the wind and water, the typical smells of the Mediterranean maquis and the sea with many shades of blue. La Buca della Fate can be reached on foot from the path that starts from the car park on the road before reaching the village of Populonia Alta. Along the path it is possible to see some ancient Etruscan tombs.

Isola d’Elba, in search of the most beautiful beaches

Those looking for the most beautiful beaches in Tuscany must definitely make a stop on the island of Elba, the largest of the seven islands of the Tuscan Archipelago. Not to be missed, the Beach of Sansone, in the northern slope, which is distinguished from all the others on the island by the white backdrop that seems to light under the calm and transparent waters. The white cliffs, typical of the coast of Portoferraio, protect this small paradise of light sand. Snorkelers will have fun because in the sea they can find caves, crevices and many rare fishes.

Isola del Giglio, jewel of the Tyrrhenian Sea

On the island of Giglio there are some of the most beautiful beaches in Tuscany. Among these, the Cannelle Beach, with its transparent sea tinged with blue and the white sand made of small polished quartz stones that shine in the sun. It can be reached by sea or by land with the taxi service or on foot with a walk of about 15 minutes. In the cove there are bars, bathing establishments and free beach.

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